3 Tricks for Using Bold Colors and Patterns in a Small Space

One of the biggest myths in design is that you must go light and bright in a small room or risk the look of walls closing in. The truth is, painting the walls a dramatic, dark hue creates the illusion of a bigger space because it retracts the walls, opening up the room.  Using a deep shade such as a rich charcoal gray or classic navy can also establish the ideal backdrop to creating an intimate space.

3 Tricks for Using Bold Colors and Patterns in a Small Space

1) Choose a classic dark color and pair it with white accents.

I cannot get enough of charcoal gray and navy blue walls. These classic shades work with any interior scheme, from modern to traditional.

Clark+Kensington Smooth Slate 5042 is not only the perfect shade of gray for a home office but can create drama in any powder room. Pair this shade with floor-to-ceiling crisp, white bookshelves in an office, or fresh white monogrammed towels in a powder room for a sharp, modern look.

For a lovely shade of dark blue, try painting the walls with Clark+Kensington Blue Bayou 1014.

2) Use bold patterns in large scale.

Yes, even in the smallest rooms this is a fantastic effect.

Clark+Kensington Morning Espresso 5038 is just the right shade of rich, dark chocolate to pair with my personal favorite shade of classic white, Clark+Kensington Designer White 1066 (hint: bright red accents look amazing with chocolate and white.)

In a small bedroom, try a large pattern on the headboard wall for maximum impact, or consider using two shades of blue on the walls or ceiling of a small nursery. I love Clark+Kensington Harbor Lane 1044 with Clark+Kensington Ocean Breeze 1042. Mix up the finish, alternating between high gloss and flat sheens, for even more impact.

3) Choose a bright hue to add a “pop” of color for a focal point.

Another way to make the most out of a small space is to go bold but keep the palette simple. Choose a harmonious pairing of colors such as a dark, rich color for the walls and a fun, bright color for the accent that you use in smaller areas.

In a small office or powder room with dramatic charcoal walls, paint the ceiling or a door in a high gloss bright. I love charcoal with a warm shade of caramel, like Clark+Kensington Caribou 2064. Add in a couple pillows or a vase in the same caramel accent color to complete the look. Voila! A small space with big impact.


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Published: 5/3/2020