4 Home Projects You Need A Face Mask For

Face Masks

Face masks can be used for so much more than just protection for viruses. Face masks are a must have in many home projects. Check out the 4 home projects you need a mask for.

4 Home Projects You Need A Face Mask For

  1. Spray Painting

    • Keeping you lungs clear and healthy can be difficult while spray painting. The harsh chemicals and fumes fill the air. By wearing a face mask, you can ensure the health and safety of your lungs.  Always use spray paint in an open air area to keep the air clean from spray.
  2. Using Cleaners

    • Chemicals in common cleaners like bleach and ammonia have very harsh fumes.  When using harsh cleaner, it is important to protect your self with a proper and fitted face mask.
  3. Sanding Surfaces

    • While sanding, you can project fumes and dust particles into the air that are easily breathed in. Protective eye wear is key when sanding as well. You always want to be able to use the sander effectively and good eyesight is key for the job.
  4. Powering Tools

    • When using power tools there are many variables that can cause accidents. Sparks can fly, metal breaks loose, dust floats in the air all causing havoc in your respiratory system.

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Published: 6/20/2020