5 Fun DIY Projects For The Family


If you’ve decided to stay put for the kid’s spring break, I am sure you can find many fun things for them to do around the house.  Perhaps, you will take this time to complete some family fun projects for everyone big or small.

5 Fun DIY Projects For The Family


  1. Install a basketball hoop

    • Two options are either a backboard and hoop attached to the front or garage roof or one attached to a pole in the ground.  If you choose the pole in the ground option, make sure it’s one that adjusts up and down to allow the future NBA star to practice their dunks and have a rim that is spring loaded.  As far as setting the pole you’ll need to buy or rent a post hole digger and dig a hole about 3 feet deep.  Make sure to contact the utility mapping service in your area to safely inspect and mark the spot you want to place the pole.  Nationally the service is called DIGGER.  Then instead of using concrete consider a fast setting structural foam called Sika Pro Select.  Using this means you’ll be playing Knock-out in no time. Contact your local Ace to see if renting one is available with their service options.
  2. Create a craft table for the kids to create

    • Purchase a 6 foot folding resin table and set it up in the laundry room or a spare bedroom on top of a canvas drop-cloth. Then you can fill the center with small containers of latex paint and artists brushes.  A collection of small paint cups and fill those with different beads to make necklaces and bracelets.  It’s also a great spot to put together puzzles.  If you fill this creative table with options the kids are sure to spend hours creating and hopefully getting along.
  3. Consider painting one or two walls in a child’s room with Crayola Idea Paint clear coating

    • This coating can go over the existing walls and when dry creates a dry erase surface that will keep everyone busy writing notes, reminders and fun quotes.
  4. Have an outdoor pizza party

    • How about a pizza party where you and your family make the pizza and the best part is you do it outside.  After you shop for all the ingredients the dough, sauce, cheese, veggies and pepperoni place it in your new outdoor pizza oven from   Their Koda propane oven makes restaurant quality oven fired pizzas.  This will turn into a family favorite.
  5. Make a family, safe pool

    • For many spring break means swimming and if you can’t get to the pool bring the pool to you. The  Intek 10 pool that 30” high and if you buy a pool heater to along with it the water will be a perfect temperature for your staycation at home.  It’s easy to set up and will be lots of fun for sure. Just remember to have the right pool products on hand to keep the pool clean and safe.

For more helpful tips and advice visit your neighborhood Ace or visit us online at acehardware.com.

Published: 3/11/2020