Last Minute Moving Tips

Before you shut the door on your old home, make sure you’ve checked these items before you say goodbye.

Last Minute Moving Tips

Get the Keys

If you don’t  already have them, meet with your real estate agent, landlord or building manager to get the keys to your new home. Make as many copies as needed for your family as well as 1-2 sets of spare keys. Find your nearest neighborhood Ace for key cutting services.

Take Inventory

Take “before” photos of furniture and keep an inventory of boxes and other items that will be moved on the truck. Check them off as they’re loaded. Verify the condition of all items after your move. If there are any damages, make sure to take “after” photographs for documentation.

Trade Contact Info

Get the moving van driver’s contact information. Make sure your mover can contact you if there are any changes in schedule.

Stay Organized

Keep your valuables and important papers in a bag that you can have with you.


Record the final readings for your electrical, water and gas meters to compare against your final utility bills. Once you arrive at your new home, confirm that your utilities have been turned on and check appliances and systems to confirm that each is working properly.


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Published: 3/5/2020