How to Pack for a Move

Moving can be stressful, especially if you have never done it before. Some don’t even know where do you start? The Ace Home Experts are here to make things go smoothly. Check out our How To list on packing up your precious home.

How to Pack for a Move

Supplies You’ll Need

Decide What Goes

Before any move, sort through items you either don’t need or didn’t know that you had. By reducing what you need to pack up, you’ll save time and money. Try to donate what you can and the rest can either be recycled or thrown in the trash. In order to determine which furniture you will move and what you will need to buy for your new home, draw out a quick floor plan for your new home and then measure each room to confirm that your furnishings will fit.

Organize by Room

Organize the move by room. You’ll want a good supply of boxes in different sizes. Start with the small items first and pack them up in boxes that aren’t too heavy to lift. Also label all boxes by room. This will ensure the move runs smoothly at both ends.

Protect Fragile Items

Remove all wall hangings first before emptying the rooms to cut down on damage. Take care to wrap fragile items in the packed boxes. Items can move in a truck or the back seat of your car. This extra time will keep things from breaking. Bubble wrap, old newspaper or even packing peanuts will help protect your belongings.


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Published: 3/5/2020