5 Tips To Securing Your Home

With endless stories of neighborhood thefts, packages being stolen from the front stoop or you just want to feel a little safer in you home.  Here are some affordable suggestions to give you some piece of mind and hopefully keep you and your home from being a victim of a crime.

5 Tips To Securing Your Home

  1. Secure all your entry points. Doors and windows will always be the easiest way to enter.  Make sure the locks all latch and can be locked. If not replace them with entry locks from Schlage or Kwikset.  Strengthen the door jambs using a 6” or longer brass strike plate.  By using one of these and longer screws to secure into the door jamb forcing a door open is a lot harder and noisier.  Make sure all first floor windows are locked, thieves look for opportunity and this is an easy spot to correct.  Additional window locks can also be installed to offer a small opening for airflow but not allowing entry from a person.
  2. Lighting at night is critical, as stated above opportunities are what bad actors are looking for. A couple of timers with a random patterns of on and off cycles will go a long way in making your home appear to be occupied.  Exterior motion sensing security floods will not only surprise someone getting close to your home at night but provide you will needed illumination in the evening as well.
  3. Cameras, cameras, cameras.   There are many options of camera to keep an eye on your home. So many options exist in this area, from simple WIFI cameras you can view from your smart phone to the Ring doorbell camera and add-on security lights with cameras.Systems from Nest and Ring people have integration that communicates throughout the home and can alert you to any issues, including if you left the garage door open.  The Ring products actually allow you to see what’s going on at your front or back door and you can audibly communicate with someone from anywhere in the world.
  4. Alarm System.  You can have one professionally installed in your home and then pay to have the home monitored.  This is a small cost for peace of mind. A good budget option of simple sound alarm products come from Sabre.  Their alarm options include those that are windows and entry ways to sense movement of those entry areas.
  5. Finally, be aware. We can get all wrapped up in our own lives that we sometimes forget to stop and look around.  Law enforcement professionals tell us all the time, if you see something say something.  It’s a simple reminder that we all have to participate in keeping where we live safe and sound.

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Always follow manufacturers instructions before using any product.

Published: 3/9/2020