6 Ways To Create Your Own Aviary

Our feathered friends struggle to find food during the colder mouths. In some areas of the country, the ground is too frozen for birds to find food while in warmer climates, the competition for sustenance is fierce.  Keep them chirping this season with these tips.

6 Ways To Create Your Own Aviary

Add A Suet Feeder
Like an energy bar for the birds, suet cakes provide extra energy so birds can fly farther in search for food. There are dozens of varieties of suet cakes, which will attract a wide variety of songbirds and woodpeckers.

Keep Your Feeder Clean
Birds can catch and spread diseases from dirty bird feeders and moldy seed. Clean your feeder every 2 weeks* to ensure mold and droppings are removed.  Before you refill your feeder, make sure it’s completely dry to avoid mold growth. * More often if you live in a damp climate, or during rainy periods/seasons.

Hang a Hopper Feeder
This feeder can hold large amounts of seed, which mean less refilling for you.  With a larger area to land and more space to feed, you can attract larger birds

Keep Seed Clean
Choose a container with a tight fitting lid like an aluminum trash can or locking plastic bin to keep moisture, insects and rodents out. Store your seed in a cool, dry location like a basement or garage.  Avoid sunny spots or areas like a utility room or closet as they can generate heat or humidity, which can spoil your seed. Birds will avoid seed that’s gone rancid.

Perfect Place for your Perch
Birds can be picky about where they eat.  Consider a low hanging branch or a shepherd’s hook around five feet off the ground.  Place your feeder in an area sheltered from wind and rain and make sure it’s about 10 feet away from spots a predator can pounce from.

Try Black Oil Sunflower Seed
A hit with woodpeckers, chickadees and just about any bird.  It’s high in fat content and the soft shells are easier to crack than ordinary sunflower seed.


For more tips, go to tips.acehardware.com

Published: 3/8/2020