How To Care For Your HVAC

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Your HVAC system in your home is the hardest working appliance you have and maintaining it properly is important.  An annual inspection and cleaning by a qualified contractor will ensure it is running at peak efficiency and safely.

How To Care For Your HVAC

Here are other tips to making your HVAC last for years to come!


  • An annual inspection and cleaning can start as low as $100. Just don’t let the price be the motivator as to who you chose to work on your unit.  Experience and credibility in your market should be the guide.  One thing to ask is if the technicians are NATE certified.  This is a professional training program within the HVAC industry.
  • Having the unit cleaned and inspected can lessen the chance of a break down on the coldest night and keep you and your family safe and warm.
  • Filters are important and while many HVAC contractors will recommend the less expensive spun fiberglass filter. I recommend the pleated ones.  They are 10 times better at filtering the air through the system and dramatically help to improve the indoor air quality in your home.  Just keep in mind they may need to be changed more often.  There are many types, the Ace brand pleated filters in my opinion as well offer the best bang for your buck.
  • Along with getting your HVAC system serviced remember that as a rule if your unit is older the 15 years you are getting to the point of considering replacement.  From a service and efficiency perspective that has proven to be a good rule of thumb.
  • Finally ensure you have working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home all year long.

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Published: 3/8/2020