How To Clean A Garage Floor

It seems like our garages always need to be organized and cleaned up. We wash our house floors, but when was the last time you washed your garage floor?

How To Clean A Garage floor

This article is going to define how to deep clean the concrete slab of your garage that will then allow you to take the next steps in patching, painting or epoxy coating.


  • Take everything out of the garage that is not connected to the floor.

  • Use a broom or power blower to take all the loose debris off the floor.

  • By a gallon of degreasing cleaner like Krudd Kutter or Zep degreasing cleaner.

  • In a 5 gallon bucket, mix the cleaner 50/50 with hot water to create a strong cleaning solution.

  • Use either a deck scrubber brush on a pole or rent a orbital floor scrubber with a scrubbing pad.

  • Scrub the entire floor and take extra time on oil spots and work the cleaner into a foam.

  • Allow the cleaner to sit on the floor for 30 minutes then scrub again.

  • Use a hose to rinse the floor and if there is landscaping outside of the garage rinse those areas really well.

Now that the floor is clean you can patch loose areas, apply a concrete paint or even better a two-part epoxy to make the space look brand new.

Published on 2/8/2021.
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