Leftovers With Annie: How To Spray Paint A Plastic Table

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Everyone seems to have that folding table they pull out for parties, projects and more. Try giving it a makeover with extra spray paint you have on hand!

How To Spray Paint A Plastic Table

In this episode of Leftovers with Annie  we feature Rust-Oleum Hammered Rust Stop Spray paint to refresh a folding table.

Prep Work They key to the success of this project is the prep work. Make sure you sand and clean this table properly. This will help the paint adhere well.

Taping Off or Removing? You have two options for this type of project. You can remove the table legs or tape off the area when you paint. We found it much easier to tape and cover the legs of the table when we sprayed the top. Then after the table top was completely dry, we taped off the top in order to spray the table legs. Keep in mind that depending upon the color you are using, it may be best to give this type of project up to three coats.

Spraying The Table The key to this project is the Rust-Oleum Rust Stop spray paint. This particular type of spray paint is more durable vs. your standard spray paint. It offers a corrosion-resistance and lasting moisture protection. I hope you can tell from the video, but the table top almost looked like lacquer once it was done. If applying to a light color table top, you may need up to 3 coats if you're using a dark color like we did.

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Published on 1/27/2021
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