How To Grow Carrots


LGrowing your own produce can be very simple and satisfying. However, many do not know where to start. Let Ace’s Garden Experts show you how to grow, plant, and harvest your very own produce!

How To Grow Carrots

Preparing Your Soil 

When planting carrots, be sure to to till your soil finely. The soil should not have rocks, hard clumps, or bark in it. The best way for carrot roots to thrive, is by planting your seeds in fine, well drained soil.

Planting Your Seeds

Till up your soil and create a hole. Mix with fertilizer, while still maintaining a healthy aerated bed. DO NOT PACK SOIL. Plant seeds in a row 1-2 inches apart and a 1/2 inch deep, with each row, roughly 1- 2 feet  apart.

Pruning Your Weeds 

After 3-4 week your carrots will begin to appear. Once they are 4 inches tall, prune the leaves sprung from the main root. This will ensue your carrot grows longer and healthier.

Harvesting Your Crop

You can continually plant carrots every two weeks. To check if your carrots are ready to harvest, gently push your soil back from the carrot to assess the length. If they are over a finger lengths long, they are ready!


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Published: 4/1/2020