How To Have A DIY Vacation At Home

Spring Break

If the weather doesn’t cooperate or a sniffle keeps you at home this Spring, don’t miss out on the Spring Break Fun!  We’ve put together a list of fun, travel inspired projects, that will turn that missed vacation into an opportunity for lifelong memories.

How To Have A DIY Vacation At Home

  1. Garage Mahal

    • Deep into the depths of your garage is a tranquil place where storage can thrive!  It’s no longer your garage, it’s the Garage Mahal!  From tools to baseballs, everything can have a home when you utilize the Craftsman Storage Cabinets coupled with a variety of shelving options. It’s the perfect project to teach kids how to use hand and power tools to make them DIY experts for future family projects.
  2. Flagstaff

    • It’s time to get rustic and bring the patriotic feeling of Flagstaff in your home, by giving the stars and stripes their proper representation.  From a sturdy flag pole to a spotlight to show your flag off in all its glory with this project.
  3. Pisa

    •  Make pizza night with the family more authentic by growing your own herbs in your family made herb garden bed.  From sage to basil, have your family learn how to grow, care for and be rewarded by creating a garden in your backyard. Reward your hard work for growing your ingredients with an Ooni wood fired grill, perfect for the family that loves a good pizza party!
  4. Yellowstone

    • Or is it green, blue or purple? Bring the colors of nature into your home by finally tackling that paint project that you’ve been putting off for years. Even our color trends this year forecast for natural hues to be in style and perfect for an escape into nature. Whether it’s updating a child’s room to freshening up the family room, you’ve got a house full of helpers looking to give you the hands you need to love your shared space.
  5. Beach Day

    • Make life at the beach every day when you make your own sand box.  With the help of a simple assembly garden bed and bags of sand you are on your way to twinkling your toes in a little oasis. Pop up a beach umbrella and you will have it made in the shade.

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Published: 3/11/2020