Inexpensive Ways To Increase Your Home Value

There is no denying that a new kitchen or bathroom will add real value to your home.  But those spaces are expensive.

Inexpensive Ways To Increase Your Home Value

Ace’s Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, has some ideas on how to add value without breaking the budget.


  1. I cannot stress the benefit of curb appeal. A thick green lawn, (seed is inexpensive) well defined planting beds with flowers or shrubs with some mulch spread over the areas. Tree limbs trimmed and cut back with a trimmer to allow a good look at the home from across the street. And fresh coat of paint on the garage door, front door and exterior trim.  That along with a new fresh coating of asphalt sealer in your blacktop driveway will do wonders.

  2. De-clutter your home. Start with your closets and really assess what you need and what you do not. Donate what you can and what you keep, start organizing with bins and totes.  Install a brighter light bulb in the closet to make it easier to see and see what you use and what you don’t. Then tackle room by room, do you really need so many pillows?

  3. Spruce up your floors. For carpeting rent a carpet cleaner at your local Ace or utilize a household carpet cleaners and plan on this as a weekend project.  Clear the rooms and get ready to be amazed and how much dirt you pull out of them.  For hardwood floors if sanding is not in the budget you can use a wood floor finish refresher.  Clear the room, clean the floor then apply the fresh coating and stay off the floor for about 2-3 hours.  Light scratches will disappear, and a shiny new appearance will impress you.

  4. Add a fresh coat of paint to a room or the entire inside of your home. It’s affordable and you can do one room at a time.  Eggshell is a good durable finish to apply to walls so that you can clean off marks and smudges more easily.

  5. Install new plumbing fixtures. New vanity, kitchen and laundry faucets are affordable, and you can choose more stylish options to make those rooms pop. While you are at it you can consider changing towel bars and accessories as well.

Published on 1/4/2021.
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