July Home Checklist

July Home

July is the official month of summer in my opinion and also a time when you may need to take care of a few things in and around your home.  Here is your July home checklist.

July Home Checklist

  • Take Care Of The Bugs

    • Grubs in your lawn can leave it looking terrible and also invite rodents who eat them.  Treat your lawn with a grub treatment to keep them at bay.
    • Ants are another issue that needs to be attacked with shakes around your home, foaming sprays in nooks and crannies and bait traps inside. When big storms come in ants get washed out and head indoors for protection.
    • Mosquitoes are also a huge pain as the weather warms up in many parts of the country.  You can treat your lawn and shrubs with a hose end treatment that can last two weeks and use mosquito dunks in any standing water around your home to eliminate mosquitoes before they mature.
  • Hose Down Your A/C Unit Outside

    • Your condensing unit can get clogged with debris. From lawn clippings to leaves, it’s time to give it a clean to keep it working properly vs. overworking.  Shut the system off and use a hose and sprayer and start and the top and clean it off with just water.  This will boost efficiency and help keep an emergency repair from being needed.  And while you’re at it, make sure the filter is clean too.
  • Treat Mildew and Mold

    • Treat the mildew and mold off the roof and side of your home with a treatment that works with mother nature to keep things clean.  Some offer hose end options so you can safely stay on the ground and spray up to 30 feet.
  • Re-coat Your Asphalt Driveway

    •  Clean it off really well using either a pressure washer or dish soap and a broom and rinse.  Fill the cracks and patch any larger holes with asphalt patching.  Then spread out the new sealer once the repairs are set, usually a day or so.  You can either use a driveway broom or squeegee.
  • Wash The Windows

    •  This is a pain to do, but the benefits of clean glass are terrific. I like using warm water with a small amount of dish soap.  Wash the windows with a microfiber towel. Then polish it with a dry microfiber towel you’ll be amazed. If windows are high up, attach a window cleaner to a hose to spray and address the top windows.


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Published: 7/1/2020