Merry & Bright Holiday Lights

You may go all out with your holiday light display, or string a few simple strands to celebrate the season. Either way, energy-saving product recommendations and tips will help make it easier.

Merry & Bright Holiday Lights

 TIP #1: Indoor timers and other new lighting technologies can help you drastically reduce energy use from lighting.

ITEM TO TRY: Woods® In-Wall 7 Day Digital Programmable Timer – Conserves energy by shutting your lights off at the designated time

 TIP #2: For exterior holiday lights, use outdoor-rated and grounded,three-prong plugs and extension cords. Don’t link more than three strands of traditional lights together and check previously-used lights for frayed wires, bare spots or excessive kinks. They’re signs of electrical damage and could cause a fire.

ITEM TO TRY:  Ace’s 3 Outlet Grounding Adaptor & Outdoor Power Cord Protects against shocks and shorts.

 TIP #3: Try the LED M5 Icicle Lights in white, warm white and multi-color strands. They use only a fraction of the energy of traditional light sets. You won’t have to replace them as often. Plus, string more strands together for greater decorating ability.

 ITEM TO TRY: Celebrations® LED Lights They cast a more natural and energy-efficient glow.

TIP #4: When it’s time to take the lights down off the house (hopefully not in April), the clear light clips can be left on for next year.

ITEM TO TRY: Light Clips – No nails, no strain!

TIP #5: For a “greener” season, try artificial trees pre-lit with energy-saving LED lights. The strong branches will hold your decorations with ease and there’s no need to struggle with tangled lights.

ITEM TO TRY: Raleigh 7.5′ Artificial Pre-Lit Tree – Just set it up, plug it in, and let your holiday shine!

TIP #6: Tube lights look great wrapped around porch railings and entry columns.

ITEM TO TRY: Celebrations Rope Lights – “Shape-able” decorative lights.

TIP #7: Use a sturdy, properly set ladder for reaching high places. Look for a tool tray top and slip resistant footing.

ITEM TO TRY: Werner’s 6′ Fiberglass Stepladder (225 lb. weight limit-type)


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Published: 3/8/2020