September Home Checklist

With summer in the rear view we look ahead to the start of fall. Let’s wrap up the work outside and start looking on getting the home ready for cooler temperatures  Here is your September home checklist.

September Home Checklist

  • Seal Gaps and Cracks

    • Cooler fall temperatures are a great time to fill in the cracks and re-seal the asphalt driveway. It’s all about prep work, cleaning and avoiding application in temperatures over 80 degrees.
  • Touch Up Paint Before Moisture Sets In

    • Touch up any exterior painting. This is a great time to do any touch ups, prime bare wood and finish paint, while you at it apply exterior caulking as needed.
  • Stop Drafts And Save Money

    • Eliminating drafts from windows and doors will help save energy and help you feel more comfortable and since a lot of this material has an adhesive, warmer temperatures will ensure a strong bond to last through the cold winter months depending on where you live.
  • Inspect Your Furnace

    • Have your furnace inspected and cleaned by a professional in the HVAC industry. It will ensure peak efficiency and help avoid an emergency call.  Also purchase some additional filters at your local Ace to have on hand and consider changing them each month to keep air quality indoors at it’s highest.
  • Clear Out Dryer Vent

    • Clean your dryer vent. This is a must before winter comes around.  Pay special attention to the connection at the dryer and the vent outside.  Cleaning kits are available and always unplug the dryer before attempting this task.


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Published: 9/2/2020


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