Storing Bird Seed

Prevent seed from going bad and keep rodents from raiding your stash.  If you tend to stock up on seed, a good storage solution is a must. You’ll want to keep marauding mice, chipmunks, and other pests from invading your seed. Check out these tips to keeping your seed dry.

Storing Bird Seed

Try these tips for storing seed:

  • Choose a cool, dry location away from the heat of the sun. A basement, garage or pantry tends to be good areas. Appliances in utility rooms or closets can generate heat or humidity making these areas not such a good choice.
  • Choose a container with a tight fitting lid that animals can’t chew through. Aluminum trash cans, locking plastic bins, or reuse thick-walled plastic beverage containers.
  • Throw out seed if it’s moldy, decomposing or if insects or rodents have taken over the container.

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Published: 3/5/2020