Tips for Planting Garden Beds

Can’t get plants to grow? Start by putting plants, trees, and shrubs in the right place. They have individual needs for the amount of sunlight, nutrients, and moisture they can tolerate.

Here are a few tips to help you grow the most beautiful plants:

Plan Your Garden Beds

Sketch out a map of your gardening space, noting the sunny and shady spots, any drainage issues, and the approximate size of the area. Then do a little research to find out which plants you like, how much sun or shade they need, and how much space they will take up when the plant is fully grown.

Keep a Record

It’s a good idea to use plant labels, or to keep a record of what you’ve planted as soon as you put it in the ground. In a year or two, you may decide to move a plant, or divide perennials to fill up another spot in your yard. The labels can help you look up the plant’s requirements if you’ve forgotten.

Look at the Plant’s Tag

Most plants have a “tag” that describes the size they will grow to, if it’s “hardy” in your climate zone, how much sunlight it needs, and what type of soil and drainage it requires. And, if you’re into a low-maintenance landscape, you won’t want to choose plants that are very particular about specific fertilizers or soil conditions.

Test Your Soil

Test your soil to find out if it is alkaline or acid. Some plants prefer acidic soil and will thrive where other plants will wither and die. Look for plants that will thrive under the soil conditions you have, or amend your soil to balance the pH.

Be Aware of Aggressive Growers and Invasive Plants

Some plants and ground covers grow so vigorously, they can actually “invade” your garden, crowding out the other plants. If you’re a beginner, find out which plants may spread quickly and avoid them if that’s not the effect you’re looking for.

Be Creative

Be sure to choose a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and textures of plants. What you select will create an overall mood and theme to your garden. If you want a vibrant, lush look, go for warm and bright colors and plants that bloom big. If a more serene, peaceful look is your preference, opt for cool color patterns, and dainty blooms.

Get Expert Advice

Ask the store associate at your neighborhood garden center to recommend plants that will naturally thrive in your site’s specific conditions. You’ll get all kinds of good ideas.

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Published: 3/5/2020