Cold Weather Grilling Tips For Your Traeger

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but grilling in winter can be so delightful.  Especially with some good cold weather tips from Ace.  Chef Jason is here to tell you how you can maintain the temperature of your Traeger went temperatures drop.

Cold Weather Grilling Tips For Your Traeger

Cold Weather Tips – Traeger

  • For Best Results – Use a grill cover and keep grill covered during winter
    • This prevents buildup of ice, snow and unwanted moisture
  • For Best cold weather results use the Traeger Insulated Blanket
    • Blanket should only be used when outside temperature is below 35 degrees
  • If possible, place grill in a somewhat wind sheltered area
    • This will keep windchill temps down
  • Allow extra time for warm up – 10-15 minutes (depending on outside ambient temps)
    • Cook as you would in warm weather temps after grill is fully pre-heated
    • Allow grill to cool completely, close all vents and cover
  • For low and slow cooking, you may need to adjust your temps to be 25 – 50 degrees hotter than normal.  Based on outside temperature.

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Published: 3/2/2020