How To Create A Photo Accent Wall

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Say hello to all those photos you've been storing on your hard drive or phone. A photo accent wall is a perfect way to share and relive your cherished memories while creating an accent wall.


How To Create A Photo Accent Wall

Ace's Paint Expert, Annie, gives you some easy to follow tips and advice to a beautiful photo accent wall.


Tip 1 – Start with an accent color for the wall

Painting an accent wall behind your cherished memories will really make them pop against the wall.  Take a look at the other colors on your walls. Most accent walls look their best when they adjoin walls in a light to medium shade. You want to make sure you balance the strong accent wall color with neutral wall colors on the other walls. Some neutral walls colors include gray, beige or greige, cream and tan. It also matters what type of photographs you plan on putting on the wall and if it’s Black and White or Color photographs! If you have a lots of bright bold colors in the photos, it might be a good idea to print them out and put them against various color chips so you can see how the accent all color highlights the picture!

Tip 2 – Sketch out the look

There are a number of ways you can plan your picture frame arrangement but actually seeing the wall blocked out is the best way to visualize the space. By using painter’s tape, you have the flexibility to not only adjust and create any size that fits best, but it’s also easy to remove.

You can also lay your frames out on the floor and arrange until you're happy, then replicate the arrangement on the wall.

Tip 3  - Hanging the Picture

Once you have your pictures in the spot you want, you start hanging!

First you need to measure the distance of the hanging wire (on the back of the frame) from the top of the frame.  Then go back to the painters taped squares and measure this same distance from the top edge of your painter’s tape (with the corresponding location of each frame), make a small pencil mark in the center, and hammer in your nail.

Your local Ace Hardware also sells an assortment of command hooks.  They have small wire hooks, designer hooks and even these picture hanging strips!

Tip 4 – Lights

Here’s my last tip, add some light! Pictures with lights above them make it stand out like an art gallery and if you are worried about running cords and electrical, here’s a secret. Grab some light fixtures and these puck lights! You can get puck lights that are battery operated with a timer or a remote! Just install the light fixture without the cord and then adhere these lights where the socket it! Viola! Light without a messy electrical project!

Published on 6/3/2022.
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