How To Install A Shop Light

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Adding light to your garage, work shop or even laundry area is an easy task to do. Best part is it requires no electrical wiring, just a free outlet to plug into.

How To Install A Shop Light

Follow these steps and safety guidelines when installing a shop light in your home.


How To Choose A Shop Light

Selecting a shop light with an LED bulb is a great way to save money on electric bills while helping the environment as well. An LED bulb avoid that pesky humming you can get from other bulbs. Next, look for an option that has a hanging or flush mount installation. For this instruction, we'll show you how to hang the light which is a good option to illuminate your workshop space even more as the light is closer to your working surface. Lastly, choose a shop light that has the cord length that works best for your situation.

How To Choose A Spot For Your Light

First things first, look at the length of the cord you have for your light and measure the distance from the outlet to where the light will be located. Next, ensure the fixture is where you want your light source from where you are working on