How To Remove Snow From Your Roof

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Winter can be harsh on your home. From freezing temperatures to heavy snow, it's important to take care of your home to prevent additional wear and tear on it's structure.

How To Remove Snow From Your Roof

One of the biggest threats for a home in the winter time, is snow, and lots of it!  The accumulation and weight of snow on your roof can wreak havoc on shingles.  Removing snow from your roof can help lessen the likelihood of water damage and ice dams to the structure.

Roof Rake

Having a roof rake on hand is an easy way to remove snow quickly and safely.  With a roof rake, you are able to extend a shovel across your roof and pull down snow smoothly.  Make sure the roof rake you get, features rollers that help prevent shingle damage.  You want to make sure the blade never touches the roof's surface.  Do not forget to wear a hat!  You don't want to end up pulling the snow right on top of you.

Roof Melts

Another key item for removing snow from your roof is to keep roof pucks on hand. The Roofmelt Ice Melt is designed to eliminate the need to climb onto roofs while melt snow. The tablets help prevent roof damage by melting through ice dams and allowing water to drain safely. They work effectively in temperatures down to -25A degree Fahrenheit.  While safely on the ground toss a Roofmelt tablet onto the roof.  Roofmelt tablet then melts its way down and settles on the roofs surface.  Roofmelt begins to work when it comes into contact with snow and ice. The Roofmelt and water mixture begin to melt away the existing ice dam.  The water drains from the roof to the ground, the ice dam and snow are safely eliminated.

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Published: 1/2/2020