How To Fix Broken Christmas Lights

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It happened again! From bulbs not working to half of the lights out, fixing your holiday lights is easy and affordable.  Before you replace them, follow our easy steps to save your lights.

How To Fix Broken Christmas Lights

All The Lights Are Out Light sets have 2 fuses and they are easy to replace. You can tell if a fuse is blown if you plug the light set into an outlet and no lights go on, not a single one.  Then take a set of lights you know is working and plug them into the outlet end of the broken lights.  If the good set still lights up, the fuses aren't causing the problem.  A voltage tester can be used on the set not lighting up.  When using a voltage tester, put the tester into one side of the band strand outlet and then the other side of the plug.  If there is no power detected into the cord, replace the fuses.  Light repair tools like the LightKeeper Pro are also great for testing.   Half The Strand Is Out One burnt out bulb can knock out an entire section of mini lights.  The LightKeeper Pro can come to your rescue yet again.  A few clicks of the trigger fixes internal bulb failure and enables the light set to illuminate.  The LightKeeper Pro enables you to identify the bad bulbs rather than testing bulb by bulb to find the culprit. The tool’s built-in Audible Voltage Detector locates missing/broken bulbs and contact issues. The three-way Bulb Puller aids in removing those hard to extract bulbs. The LightKeeper Pro also includes a Socket Connector which enables the user to connect an empty bulb socket on the light set directly to the tool for quick repair.   Still Not Working? If after all of these efforts above the lights are still not illuminating, the strand may be burnt out. Squirrels and Mice can also have used your lights for a quick meal.  If you notice signs of fraying, do not use the lights.  There is a risk of shock or fire from damaged lights.

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Published: 3/2/2020