How To Replace A Christmas Light Fuse

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It's the holiday season and time to decorate! You've pulled out your Christmas lights and give them a test light and their not working!  Before you replace them, let's give the fuse a check!

How To Replace A Christmas Light Fuse

Fuse Location

Years of use can cause fuses to burn out over time.  With your light strand unplugged, go to the end of the light strand with the plug. You'll see a little door on the plug that says "Open."  Using a utility knife or screwdriver, open the door to expose the Fuse.

Remove Fuse

With the utility knife or screwdriver close by, remove the small fuses from the plug.  The fuses are small glass capsules. The fuses fit in their tight so take your time to remove them. Once removed check and see if the center of the fuse is still together.  This can be tough to see as the fuses are small. You may want to consider using a holiday light tester.  The top of a holiday light tester has a fitting for you to place the fuse into.  If the fuse works, a light on the holiday light tester will go on.  If the fuse is no longer working, no light will appear.

Replace Fuse

If the fuse is no longer working, it's time to replace them. It's best practice to change both fuses with replacement fuses.  Make sure you get the fuses that fit your light set correctly.  To replace the fuse you would perform the same steps as removing the fuse. Be careful when popping the fuse back in to avoid it breaking with the utility knife of screwdriver.

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Published: 3/3/2020