How To Use The Weber Kettle Rotisserie

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So, you bought the Weber Kettle Charcoal Rotisserie. Now what? From how to set it up on your grill how to cook a whole chicken, let me walk you through the entire process so you get to know this great new Weber Accessory!

How To Use The Weber Kettle Rotisserie

Find below some helpful tips to help get you setup and cooking with your new rotisserie attachment for your 22” Kettle.


What's In The Box:

1ea 22” Rotisserie Ring – 1ea Rotisserie Motor with Hanger and Hardware – 1ea Rotisserie Skewer – 2ea Rotisserie Forks with Hardware

Perfect For: Chicken, Turkey, Pork Loin, Ribs and More


Getting Started:

Open box and read instructions
Assemble Motor hanger and forks
Hand wash and dry rotisserie skewer and forks
Test fit to your kettle and adjust how it sits so that cutouts in ring line up with any nuts found on various models of 22” kettles – ie performer kettle
Test fit lid and ensure it closes completely
** Chef’s Tip – if there is a small gap, double check to ensure you have setup the ring onto the kettle correctly.  A small gap may appear, but should go away once the ring has been cooked with a couple times
When using the rotisserie, be sure to setup your grill as follows
          Clean and remove any ash
          Remove the top grill grate and store (you won’t have this on when rotisserie cooking)
          Indirect cooking either using charcoal baskets or indirect placement of charcoal
          Drip pan to catch any food drippings
Chef’s Cooking tips
          Watch for hanging wings on chickens or turkeys, clip if needed
          Truss chickens or turkeys if desired or tie legs to help avoid any hangups
          DO NOT use wire to tie up chickens or turkeys, butchers twine works great
          When done using the rotisserie, hand wash the skewer and forks and dry