Meatloaf On The Traeger

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A perfect recipe for this cold weather. It’s comfort food at its best.  Add in the wood fired flavor of the Traeger grill and you have a new family favorite.

Meatloaf On The Traeger

Yield: 2 Meatloaf Loaves

Prep time: 10 Minute Prep

Total time: 45-55 Minute Cook Time


Measure   Ingredient                                      

2 lb                  Beef, Ground - Ground Chuck, 80/20

¼ Cup            Onion, Red - Peeled and Minced

1.5 Tbsp         Bayou Dust, 5280 Culinary                                             

2 Tbsp            Tiki Tiki, 5280 Culinary                            

1 Tbsp            Garlic, Fresh - Minced

3 ea                Eggs, Fresh, XL                                                     

1 Cup             Bread Crumbs, Panko - Unseasoned

1 Cup             Cheese, Cheddar -  Shredded, Fine

½  Cup           BBQ Sauce  Low Country           

Prep Directions

  • In a large stainless steel mixing bowl, add the beef, onion, seasonings and garlic and mix well.
  • Next add the eggs, cheese and breadcrumbs and mix well to combine
  • Add BBQ Sauce to taste
  • Form into 2 Loaves
  • Keep cold in the Refrigerator until needed

Cooking Directions

  • Make Meatloaf as instructed above
  • Heat your Traeger to 375 degrees
  • Place the meatloaf onto the grill grates
  • Cook at 375 degrees until internal temp reaches 155 degrees
    • Approx 45-55 Minutes
  • During the last 10 minutes of cooking, glaze with more High Altitude BBQ Sauce
  • Remove from the grill/smoker using a burger spatula
  • Place on cutting board and allow to rest for 5 minutes before slicing

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Published: 3/3/2020