Tri Tip On The Traeger

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Beef Tri Tip.  Just the name alone brings smiles and drools to so many.  We start of with some low and slow smoke, then turn the Traeger Ironwood to 500 degrees and reverse sear this Tri Tip to perfection.  Slider Perfection.

Tri Tip On The Traeger

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Yield: 12-16 Sliders

Prep time: 10 Minutes

Total time: 1 hour Smoke, 15-20 minutes Grilling


Measure   Ingredient                                            

2.5 lbs             Beef Tri Tip, Choice, Cleaned  - avg 2.5lbs ea

Taste              Rub A Dub, 5280 Culinary                                                                                                          

12-16 ea        Kings Hawaiian Rolls, Mini - Slice, Keep Wrapped       

Taste              50/50 BBQ Sauce or Fire Honey

                        Blend of High Altitude and Low Country - On side

Prep Directions

  • 50/50 BBQ SAUCE PREP
    • In a small mixing bowl add equal amounts of both sauces and mix well
    • Put into a small bowl and keep on the side for dipping or saucing

Cooking Directions

  • Season the Tri Tip and keep refrigerated for 2-4 hours. Be sure to notice the way the muscle fibers are running, this will help at the end when cutting against the grain
  • 15 minutes prior to smoke, remove tri tip from the fridge and hold on the counter
  • Load the pellet hopper with choice of pellets – we used Reserve Blend Pellets
  • Turn the Traeger Ironwood to 180 Degrees and allow to come to temp and start to smoke
  • Load with Tri Tip, add the temperature probe and allow to smoke for 1-1.5 Hours or until internal temp reaches 95 degrees
  • Check temperature about halfway through, on your way to 95 degrees internal temp
  • Once Tri Tip hits internal temp, remove from grill, place into a clean pan and hold on couter
  • Turn Traeger Ironwood to 500 degrees, and move bottom rack to lowest position
  • Once the Traeger has reached 500 degrees, place the Tri Tip back on the lower rack
  • Sear beef on both sides, then move to upper rack to finish. Use tongs to turn meat, not a fork or pigtail
  • Cook to an internal temp of 120 degrees, remove from the Traeger, place onto a cutting board
  • Allow to rest for 5-8 minutes (overall doneness will carry over cook while resting)
  • Slice against the grain, serve on a kings Hawaiian bun, offer 50/50 sauce on the side

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Published: 3/2/2020