How To Grill Asparagus

Grilled Asparagus

There is something so simple, yet so amazing when it comes to grilled Asparagus.  Seasoned with our Garden rub and brightened up with the finish of fresh lemon juice.  Oh man, grilling is fun!  

How To Grill Asparagus


Chef Jason K. Morse, CEC  |  Ace Hardware Grill Expert  |  Owner, 5280 Culinary

Yield: Serves 4

Prep time: 5 Minutes

Cook time: 6-7 Minutes


  • 1 bundle​ Asparagus, Standard sized, Fresh, Whole​​ Bundle weight is roughly 12 oz
  • 2 Tbsp​ Oil, Olive Blend
  • Taste​​ Garden Rub​​​​​​​5280 Culinary​​​
  • 2 Tbsp Fire Honey, ​​​​​​Room temp for easier melting
  • 1 ea ​​Lemon, Fresh​​​​​​ cut into wedges​​​​​​​​​

Cooking Directions

  • Rinse and air dry the Asparagus Bundle
  • Trim off wood end – may be easier to leave the rubber bands on for this part
  • Remove rubber band of the stalk and stem
  • Place into a mixing bowl or aluminum disposable pan
  • Lightly coat with the oil and season to taste with the Garden Rub
  • Mix well to ensure they are coated with the seasoning/oil.  Let sit for 10-15 minutes
  • Start your Weber Grill and heat to 550-600 degrees
  • Add the grilling pan and heat for 5 minutes before adding the asparagus
  • Lightly toss the Asparagus again to coat once more
  • Place the Asparagus onto perforated grill pan in a shallow layer and close the lid
    • Don’t over fill the grill pan or they will steam versus grill
  • Roast for 3 minutes and turn/toss the Asparagus once to get more grill flavor on all sides
  • Add the BBQ Basting pot with honey to the top rack and allow to melt
  • Close the lid and continue to roast for another 3 minutes
  • Open the lid and lightly baste with the melted honey and allow to glaze for 1 minute
  • Remove using a towel and tongs, place onto a surface that will handle hot items
  • Finish with squeeze of fresh lemon

Supplies Used: