How To Roast Sugar Almonds On A Traeger

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Today were taking almonds and a few ingredients and turning them into Traeger Sugar Roasted Almonds.  This is a crowd pleaser that your family will come to request for all those great family events.

How To Roast Sugar Almonds On A Traeger

Smokey and sweet with wood fired flavor, now that’s good stuff right there.

Yield: 1 Pound
Prep time: 10-15 Minutes Prep
Cooking time: 1 Hour
Cooling time: 2 hours

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Measure   Ingredient                                                      Prep Notes      
1 Pound        Almonds, Smokehouse
1 Cups          Sugar, Cane, Granulated                                                   
2 tsp             Cinnamon, Ground         
½ tsp            Allspice, ground                                                                                     
2 ea              Eggs, Lg, egg white ONLY        
1 tbsp           Water, room temp                                                    

Prep Directions:

Be sure to buy the fully roasted smokehouse almonds
We use granulated cane sugar for a better and deeper flavor

Cooking Directions:

Load your Traeger with Reserve Blend Pellets and heat to 325˚
In a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together the following:
Sugar, Cinnamon, Allspice and salt
In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the following:
Egg whites, water
Whisk until soft peaks start to form
Add the almonds to the egg white mixture and mix well to combine and coat the nuts with the egg whites
Add the sugar mixture to the nuts and mix well to ensure all the nuts are well coated with the sugar mixture
Spread the pecans onto a perforated grilling pan
Open the lid/cover and load the nuts into the Traeger, on the bottom grate, close lid/cover
Keep the temperature the same during cooking to ensure consistent temp and easy recovery during cooking
After 15 minutes, open the Traeger and stir the almonds using tongs
Repeat the stirring process 3 more times or until almonds are evenly roasted and to your desired doneness
Open the lid/cover and remove the pan using tongs, towels or heat proof gloves
Stir one last time to start the cooling down process
Place pan onto a cooling rack and allow to cool for about 2 hours
Store in a zipper bag in a cool, dry location
Shelf life is 4 days (if they last that long)


Grills / Grill Gear Used:

Traeger Grill                                            Various Models Reserve Blend Pellets                             Ace SKU - 8015887 Grilling Pan, Perforated                         Ace SKU - 8212441   Always follow manufacturer's instructions before using any product. For more helpful tips and advice visit a neighborhood Ace or visit us online, at   Published on 12/14/2020