What To Do To Your Home In December

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The end of the year is here! By completing monthly maintenance to your home you help lessen the likelihood of costly home expenses in the future.

What To Do To Your Home In December

Here's our list of five tasks to complete this month.

Deep Clean Your Appliances

It’s funny, but the appliances that do the most cleaning need the most cleaning. From dishwashers to washing machines, there are product specific cleaners that take the thinking out of cleaning these machines. Avoid mis measuring vinegar and try one of these cleaners that get the job done right and quickly.

Have Your Chimney Cleaned and Inspected

Hire a professional to come out and make sure your chimney is in good shape for a season of nights by the fireplace. When you use your fireplace, smoke can leave behind ash and carbon deposits which need to be removed for a safe fireplace experience.

Clean Lights, Doors and Floorboards

Dust can settle in the strangest places. Dirty light bulbs prove less light than clean ones, so break out the old duster and give them all a good cleaning. Next, get rags and all purpose cleaners to clean off your interior doors and floorboards. These spots see a lot of hands, shoes and more so it’s time we give them a shine this month.

Check Your Shower Head For Calcium Deposits

There are natural minerals in water that built up over time. No place is that more apparent than in the bathroom. When left untreated, this can clog holes in thinks like your shower head and can cause bacteria and mildew to grow. Clean your shower head and faucets with a product like CLR to avoid fixture replacement in the future.

See Mold, Get It Tested.

Whether it’s in your bathroom or on your walls, if you see mold in your home use at an home test to see if it can be dangerous to your home.

Published on 6/29/2022.
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