January Home Checklist

January is the month where a lot of us set new goals. Lose some weight, get more organized, spend less time in front of a screen, you get the point.

January Home Checklist

Here are some things to get done this month in and around your home.


  1. Change the filters in your forced air furnace. This time of year, the systems run more frequently and keeping those filters changed improve the air quality and reduce the strain on the blower.

  2. Drop the cover on the bath fan and use a wet/dry vac hose and clean the blower and fan housing. You will be amazed at how dirty it is and during the cold months the higher moisture in the bathroom when showering will clog it even faster.

  3. Keep the decks, driveways, sidewalks and patios clear. I’m speaking to those who have to use ice melt in the winter. (You warm weather folks can snicker now). No matter what type of ice melt you choose to apply the trick is to not let it stand on the surface for long periods of time.  After the ice melts if you have piles or clumps left it’s a good idea to sweep them up and dispose.  Left to permeate into the surfaces you can cause damage that will need to be repaired when things warm up.

  4. Clean that oven! The holidays are over and if you had success making and baking to your delight. It may be high time to give a good cleaning.  If you are lucky enough to have a self-cleaning oven, then crank it up.  Keep in mind it can fill the house with a strong odor and even set off the smoke alarms.  There are several oven cleaners you can use to clean, just don’t forget to give the oven racks a good cleaning too.

  5. Door mats and boot trays are your friend in the winter. Snow, slush, and water can wreak havoc on your floors.  Give them a place to stay and keep the wet shoes off of the floors.  It’s also a good idea to keep a dustpan, broom and floor mop near the door for quick clean-ups.


Always follow manufacturer’s instructions before using any product.

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Published on 1/8/2021