How to Hang a Picture

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It may be simple to hang a photo, but to make sure it is even and centered is another story.  Let Lou show you two ways to get the perfect placement for your work of art.

How To Hang A Picture

  1. Placement

    • A good rule of thumb is to hang a photo from the center. Making sure it is roughly 57”-60” from the floor or eye level. Use the top frame of the photo to mark its placement. This can be done with a light pencil mark or a small piece of painter’s tape. Decide where to place the hanger/nail on your photo. Measure from the top of the photo to the hanger/nail. Use that measurement to gauge down from the marker on the wall. Place the hanger/nail on the mark indicating where to attach the hanger/nail to the wall.
    • A larger photo can be trickier. Start by measuring the 57” - 60” and mark the wall. To find the photo’s center, measure the height of the photo and divide by two. Figure out where to place the wall hanger. With a wire hanger, be sure to pull taught to get an exact placement. Measure from the center of the photo to the mark where your hanger would be on the photo. Transfer that measurement to the 57”-60” mark on the wall and make a mark. That is where you will hang your photo.
  2. Choosing Fasteners

    • The correct fastener depends on how heavy an object is and what you will be anchoring into.
      • Light Objects - Use a nail with a D-ring or saw tooth hanger on the back.
      • 15 lbs> - It is best to anchor your fastener into the wall stud.
        • If you’re unable, you will need to use screw fastener.
        • To prevent the photo from scuffing the wall, use buffer tabs on the back of the frame.
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Published: 1/31/2020