What To Know Before You Buy A Big Green Egg

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Is the Big Green Egg right for you and your backyard grilling lifestyle?  We've got the answers you need when it comes to selecting the grill of your dreams.  From the right size for your needs to the best way to heat it up, let us answer it all so you can be on the way to the very best cooking experience.


The perfect size Big Green Egg all depends on how many people you are feeding.  From XXL to mini there's a size for everyone and their entertaining ways.  You can't add cooking surface once you bought the grill, so really think about how often you are entertaining.  If it's a frequent basis, then go a step up in size.  You don't want to run out of room or be stuck at the grill during a party because you have to make another serving for your event.


The folks at the Big Green Egg have thought about everything when it comes to their line of EGGcesssories.  A few must haves early into your grill game is the EGGnighter to light your grill fast and hot.  The expander kit enables you to cook direct and indirect heat. It's a must because it enables you to change up your cuisine options.

Light it Up

The Big Green Egg lump charcoal lights fast and is made of natural oak and hickory.  The hot heat it gives off lasts longer.  Consider adding flavored wood chunks to your grill game to bring a flavor profile easily and effectively.

First Cook

Take the time and read the manual. We can't stress that enough.  This is one of the more complicated grills on the market and it's complex because it gives off incredible cooking results.  Practice controlling what goes in and goes out without food on your Big Green Egg.  Get comfortable with achieving temperatures that last.
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Published: 2/22/2020