How To Make Traeger Root Beer Pulled Pork

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Looking for some pulled pork in your life, but don’t have 8-10 hours on a pellet grill?  We found the best shortcuts around and put them all together for this amazing recipe on your Traeger.  Talk about some flavors… this has them all, from pork to vanilla.

How To Traeger Root Beer Pulled Pork 


Yield: 6# Pulled Pork
Prep time: 15-20 Minutes
Cook time: 2 hours Smoke, 30 Minutes Sear, 1.5 Hours Finish


Measure   Ingredient                                                     

7 lbs                Pork, Boneless, Boston Butt                                         

¼ cup             Rub A Dub, 5280 Culinary                                                          

¼ cup             Oink, 5280 Culinary

24 fl oz           Root Beer or Sarsaparilla                                               

½ Cup             Happy Ending BBQ Sauce, 5280 Culinary

½ Cup             High Altitude BBQ Sauce, 5280 Culinary

Season to taste with Oink/Rub a Dub Blend

Sauce to taste with Happy Ending /High Altitude BBQ Sauce Blend                        


Prep Directions:

  • Mix together the Oink and Rub a Dub
  • Mix together the Happy Ending and High Altitude BBQ Sauce

Cooking Directions:

·         Take the boneless Butt pork out of the package and place onto the cutting board

·         Using the flap that was created when the pork was boned, cut along that flap to lay out the pork forming a long rectangular strip of pork

·         Cut the pork into tenderloin sized pieces and place into a large disposable aluminum pan

·         Mix the Oink and Rub A Dub together

·         Season the Pork with the Rub/Oink Mix as heavy or as light as desired

·         Be sure to season the pork on ALL SIDES

·         Cover the pork and let the rub work for 10-12 hours

·         Preheat your Traeger to 185 Degrees – Load with Reserve Blend Pellets

·         Remove the pork from the pan and place into the Traeger at 185 degrees

·         Smoke for 2.5 hours or as light/heavy as you prefer

·         Sear the pork next by doing the following:

·         Turn Traeger to 400 degrees, leave the pork on and set your timer for 30 minutes

·         Once seared, Remove the pork from the Traeger and place into a new/clean aluminum pan

·         Add the root beer or sarsaparilla, load your wifire probe and cover with foil.

·         Place back on the Traeger at 400 degrees and cook until pork reaches 203-205 degrees internal temperature

·         Remove from the Traeger and rest for 15 minutes

·         Using insulated gloves and nitrile gloves or BBQ Claws, shred the pork into small, medium and large pieces

·         Drain 3/4 of the liquid and add the BBQ sauces, mix well.  Serve with buns.