How To Grill Lobster

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Grilling adds some amazing flavors to our everyday foods, we know that to be true.  But have your ever grilled Lobster Tails? Or better yet, Cast Iron cooked Lobster Tails?  Well get ready, because we are about to embark on one sweet journey to Lobster nirvana.

Yield: 4 Tails  Prep time: 15 Minutes  Total time: 7-9 Minute cook time


Lobster Notes

I prefer cold water tails ranging in size from 8-14 oz. They work better for roasted tails, grilled tails or skewers

  • Cold Water Lobster – typically found in the north Atlantic and in the cooler coastal waters
    • Cold water tails tend to be firmer, sweeter and have a whiter meat
  • Warm Water Lobster – typically named for the warm water locations it is found
    • Warm water tails tend to be softer, have a more fishy taste and have a darker or off white color

Cooking Directions

  1. Preheat your Grill to HIGH or 500-550 degrees
    • Place the Lodge cast iron griddle on the grill while heating up
  2. Cut thru the lobster tail from the tail end to the body end
    • Be careful when cutting so the knife doesn’t slip
    • CHEF TIP – Use a shears to cut thru the tail on both sides and remove the meat
  3. Cut the tail meat into 2 pieces and skewer each piece
  4. Place on a lined cookie sheet or platter
  5. Season as desired with your choice of rub/seasoning
  6. Place in fridge to keep cold while grill is pre heating
  7. Place the butter in a small sauce pan and melt on low temperature, this keeps the milk solids and fat combined and prevents separation
  8. Spray tails with pan coating, if grilling directly on the grill grates – this prevents sticking
    • Brush with melted butter if cast iron cooking
  9. Place the tail onto the grill grate or cast iron
  10. Cook on the first side for 2-3 minutes, lid closed
  11. Turn the lobster tail and cook on the second side for 2-3 minutes
    • How to tell when the tail is fully cooked
      • Will turn from pale color to white color with orange bands
      • Should be white in the center of the tail
      • CHEF TIP – to ensure tail stays nice and juicy, cook until just done and allow residual heat to finish the tail, over cooking will make tail dry and rubbery
  12. Remove from grill and brush with butter and season as needed
  13. For a BBQ Tail, during the last minute of cooking brush with bbq sauce and allow to glaze – Use a 50/50 blend of our High Altitude and Low Country BBQ Sauce
  14. Serve with melted butter

For more helpful tips, visit Ace Hardware’s Tips & Advice 

Published: 3/10/2020