How To Make Trash Bag Spider Webs

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These trash bag spider webs are a fun and affordable way to bring Halloween decorations to your home inside and out. They take just minutes to make and allow you to get creative with the design too.

How To Make Trash Bag Spider Webs

Grab your trash bags, tape and scissors this craft is fast and easy. You’ll only wish you did it sooner!

  • Cut trash bag in half, length wise

  • Fold the corner to the center of the bag and cut off the remainder of the trash bag

  • Fold the triangle into a smaller triangle shape and tape the loose edges

  • Cut the side that doesn’t have the tape into strips. Careful not to cut through to the side that is taped

  • Unfold and hang proudly inside or out of your home

Published on 8/23/2022.
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