Tips On Keeping Your Delivered Packages Safe

It’s a fact more and more of us are ordering things online and having them delivered right to our front door.  It’s also a fact that many of these packages are being stolen right off the front porch. According to a recent survey 30% of respondents said they had packages stolen.

Tips On Keeping Your Delivered Packages Safe

The easy answer is to shop more often at Ace and take your purchases home with you.  But, if you’re going to shop on  then here are my tips on keeping the porch pirates at bay.  See my push there for shopping at Ace!

  1. Keep delivered items out of sight. Placing an outdoor storage box either in the side or front of your home and instructing your delivery person to place the package inside there can make a difference.  I like the Suncast deck box because it’s large for a majority of boxes delivered, plus it’s stylish design blends in well with any front entrance.
  2. Install a video doorbell.  This allows you to see who is at the front door and can alert you to someone approaching and you can identify them and even communicate with them over the internet through a personal device.  My suggestion is the Ring doorbell.  You can record the visitors too, making it easy to identify any shifty characters that may approach.  Plus, you can see and speak with visitors using your smartphone or tablet, whether you’re upstairs or across town
  3. Install a motion detecting alarm. By placing this device pointed towards your front door when someone approaches a sound is activated.  It may be just enough to have them turn around and leave your package right where it was.  There are several options at different price points to choose from at your local Ace.

While none of the tips are a guarantee that thieves will not try and take advantage of you it just might be enough to have them think twice.


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Published: 3/9/2020