How to Create A Welcoming Entrance

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Learn 3 simple ways to create a warm welcome or a grand entrance to your home. All you have to remember is brighten up your entry and landscape, punch up the color with paint and plants, and freshen up those outdated hardware finishes.

  1. Create a Welcoming Entrance
    Brighten up your entrance to make it more welcoming. Lighting adds safety and ambiance. Swapping an existing fixture is usually simple enough for beginners. Change any existing electricity draining lights with low energy or motion activated lights in an updated style. Solar lights are also great for walkways and landscape borders, and are easy to install.

  2. Punch Up the Color
    Once you shed light on things, punch up the color with paint and plants. Choose a stand out paint color and let it pop. From stair treads, railings, shutters, your porch floor or ceiling, or your front door. Bring in more color with flowering plants and containers. Let plants spill over hanging baskets. Flower boxes filled with blooms in complementary or monochromatic colors can enhance otherwise plain architectural backdrops. Choose simple shaped, neutral color containers for a modern look, and fill with plants in monochromatic hues. Create more interest with more ornate or interestingly shaped flower boxes.

  3. Freshen Up Finishes
    When you've freshened paint and added flowers, complete the look by freshening up finishing. Switch door hardware and house numbers to updated finishes. Coordinate your mailbox with the style and colors of your home. Lighting, accent colors, and hardware are easy to switch out when you like keeping up with changing trends. Be as colorful and creative as you want with your finishings and don't forget to add a welcome mat.

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    Published: 3/11/2020