How To Grill Fish On Charcoal Grill

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Fish on the charcoal grill can be a bit intimidating, how long do you cook it?  What's the best doneness temp?  Which fish is best?  We'll answer those questions and show you this easy recipe for your Weber Kettle.

How To Grill Fish On Charcoal Grill

I will show you how to grill some amazing swordfish on your Weber Kettle.

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Yield: Serve 4 People
Prep time: 5 Minutes
Cook time: 7 - 9 Minutes
Cook Temp: 450˚ F Grill Temperature


Measure   Ingredient                                                      Prep Notes      
4 ea              Swordfish Steaks, 6oz wt                       Skin removed        
2 tsp             Oil, Canola/Olive Blend                                                     
2 tbsp           Holy Voodoo, Meat Church
2 tbsp           Honey Hog, Meat Church                                                                                  
Garnish         Sliced Lemon and Fresh Parsley        
Garnish         Salted Butter or Garlic Butter                       


Preparation Directions:

Clean and sanitize all cutting boards and prep surfaces prior to use
Read all manufacturer’s instructions before using grills, blenders and any cooking tools
Clean Weber kettle and chimney before first use – wipe down with damp towel
Open the bottom vents and top vents to 100% open
Load chimney with your choice of charcoal briquettes / lump charcoal – load fuller for longer grilling times
Remove top grill grate and place a piece of foil or foil pan on the grate
Add a Firestarter or tumbleweed, ignite the starter and place the chimney over the starter
Allow the charcoal to ignite about 90% with some unlit coals at the very top
Using heat proof gloves, lift the chimney, remove the foil pan and carefully grab the handles of the chimney
Pour the hot charcoal into the center of the kettle and arrange into an even layer and size
Place the dome on the kettle and adjust so temp reaches 450˚ F
While grill is heating up – prep fish as follows
Place fish on a cooking sheet pan
Drizzle with oil, just enough to coat fish on both sides
Season to taste with 50/50 of Holy Voodoo and Honey Hog
Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes to “soak”
Open the grill and carefully add the fish over the hottest part, watch for any signs of flare ups
After adding the fish, close the dome and cook for 3-4 minutes on the first side
Carefully open the dome
Using a long pair of tongs, flip the fish after 3-4 minutes of cooking, cook for an additional 3-4 minutes on the second side
Continue to cook with the lid closed and check temp.  desired temp is 145˚ F
Once cooked to your desired doneness, remove from the grill, close all vents and put the lid on
Garnish with lemon and parsley
Add your favorite butter to the fish while it rests and before serving
Rest for 2 minutes and Devour

Grilling Gear

Weber Kettle 
Weber Heat Resistant Gloves
Weber Chimney, RapidFire, Large
B&B Charcoal Briquettes 
Holy Voodoo, Meat Church 
Honey Hog, Meat Church  
Published on 6/28/2022.
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