How To Season A Turkey

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We've got three options for making a delicious turkey this season!

How To Season A Turkey

From injecting to brining see the options that are easy and flavorful.


Injecting A Turkey

  • Add 1.5 Cups of chicken stock to the Basting Bowl/Pot
  • Add the butter and season to taste with Rub A Dub
  • Heat until butter just melts and remove the basting pot from the burner
  • Allow to cool slightly on the counter
  • When ready draw the solution into the injector and inject into the protein in many different locations
    • Inject slowly to allow the butter to cool and stay inside the meat
  • For lower sodium injection use – low sodium stock and unsalted butter
  • For Bayou injection use Bayou Dust instead of Rub a Dub
  • Discard leftover solution
  • Cook proteins immediately

Brining A Turkey

  • Select the perfect bird, know its weight.
  • Select the brine to fit your taste. Sweet, savory, garlic, Italian, etc.
  • Defrost the Turkey under refrigeration then remove the bird from the bag.
  • Remove any gift packages in the bird. Check the cavity and neck area
  • Rinse the bird inside and out.
  • Place the bird into the brine bucket
  • Follow the directions on the Brine package and add your brine to 2 quarts of water in a pan on the stove.
  • Heat on HIGH for 5 minutes to dissolve the sugar and salt.
  • Cool the Brine mixture, add ICE water and mix well
  • Add Brine bag to bucket if desired
  • Place the water into the bucket. BE SURE TO COVER THE BIRD WITH BRINE.
  • Place in the fridge, fridge not big enough? Use a cooler large enough to fit the bucket and ice around the sides and over the top.
  • Brine for about 45 minutes per pound. Be sure not to over brine. If you desire a stronger flavor, use a stronger brine solution for the same amount of time.  Example: 1.5 bags of brine for 45 minutes per pound
  • Remove from the brine solution, NO NEED TO RINSE.
  • Proceed to cook or smoke as you normally do. See below for cooking tips.

Adding A Rub

  • Open package and remove any giblets
  • Drain liquid off turkey and pat dry
  • Remove and extra skin or fat that you don’t want
  • Rub all over with oil
  • Season to taste with preferred rub
  • Allow Turkey to sit, on a cookie sheet pan for 10-15 minutes
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Published on 10/10/2022.
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