How To Smoke A Cocktail On A Traeger

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Smoked Sweetened Cranberries meet ginger beer, mint and lime in this epic Traeger Wood Fired Cocktail.  Serve this cocktail in a shiny copper mug for that wow effect at your next dinner.

How To Smoke A Cocktail On A Traeger

Just when you thought your pellet grill could do it all we bring you a smoked cocktail.

Print Recipe: Smoked Cranberry Moscow Mule
Yield: Makes 1 Cocktail
Prep time: 10 Minutes


Measure   Ingredient                                                      Prep Notes      

1 wedge        Lime, Small                                                              

¼ cup           Cranberries, Dried                                  Smoked on Grill

2 fl oz           Vodka, Choice                                                

¾ cup           Ginger Beer

1 sprig          Mint Top                          

1 wedge        Lime, Small                                                                        

2-4 ea           Cherries, Pitted, Charred

Preparation Directions:

Using A Copper Mug, Sugar the rim using cane sugar (if desired)
Fill Copper Mug with Ice
Using a cocktail shaker, fill with ice, chill and then discard ice
1 Wedge Lime
¼ cup Smoked Cranberries
Muddle Lime and cranberries
2 Fl Oz Vodka (your choice)
¾ Cup Ginger Beer
Put top on shaker and secure
Shake actively for 10-15 seconds
Pour over ice in mason jar
Garnish with
Lime Wedge
Smoked Cranberries

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Published on 12/3/2021.
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