Traeger Ironwood Getting Started and First Cook

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Let’s take a walk thru the wonderful world of the Traeger Ironwood, this handy guide will help with startup and first cook ideas. Happy cooking on your new grill.

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  • Prior to startup, wipe down inside of grill, grill grates, drip tray and walls and lid. Using a damp towel
    • NO detergents of chemicals
    • This helps wipe off some of the construction lubricant
  • Be sure grill is at least 24” away from house or any structure
  • Allowing the Downdraft Exhaust system to work properly and safely
  • Pair your grill using the Traeger App
    • Download - Install - Pair - Verify
  • Check the hopper for any parts/tools and then fill 100% with pellets
  •  If possible, place grill in a somewhat wind sheltered area
  •  Turn grill to 350 degrees, press dial to set, press ignite and allow grill to reach temp
  •  Once at 350 degrees, allow grill to heat at 350 degrees for 20 minutes
  •  Turn grill to 500 degrees, press dial to set
  •  Once at 500 degrees, allow grill to heat at 500 degree for 30 minutes
  •  Once grill has properly burned in, press and held to silver button until shutdown cycle starts
  •  Allow grill to properly shut down for 25 minutes (that is the length of shutdown cycle)
  •  Once completely cooled, check grill for any loose bolts, nuts, etc and tighten as needed

First Cook

  • Open grill and double check for any tools or items stored in grill
  • Use a drip tray liner or cover drip tray with foil
  • I suggest a fresh liner or foil before every Cook
  • Dial desired temperature, press the dial and hit ignite
  • Leave the lid closed during the startup process
  • Once at desired temp cook your first food item on your new grill
  •  I recommend something easy that allows you to learn the grill and experience that wood fired flavor
  • Suggested First Cook Ideas
    • Meatballs
    •  Brats / Sausage
    •  Chicken Kabobs / Beef Kabobs
    • Chicken Breast
    •  Pork Chops


  • For Best Results – Use a grill cover and keep grill covered during winter
  • This prevents buildup of ice, snow and unwanted moisture
  • Once grill is completely cooled, cover the grill, move back to its resting spot and tuck it in for the night
  • If desired, unplug the grill and store the cord
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Published: 3/2/2020