Add a Suet Feeder

Like an energy bar for the birds, suet cakes provide concentrated nutrition when it’s needed most. Here are 4 reasons to hang suet feeders around your yard in winter.

Add a Suet Feeder

  • Scarcity!

    • Insects, seed, fruit, berries and other foods in a bird’s natural diet are few and far between. Suet provides extra energy so birds can fly farther in search of food.
  • Energy!

    • These square cakes of animal fat are available with a huge assortment of seeds, nuts, fruits or insects mixed into the cakes. The fat is easily digested by the birds and along with the other ingredients, it’s metabolized into energy that’s especially needed in cold weather.
  • Variety!

    • There are dozens of varieties of suet cakes. And even though the birds can’t taste the difference, you’ll attract a variety of visitors. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, jays, and wrens may stop by. If you want to discourage starlings, choose a suet feeder that opens at the bottom. Starlings have trouble perching upside down to feed.
  • Simplicity!

    • The most basic type of feeder is a simple square cage of plastic-coated wire mesh. You can nail, tie or hang them just about anywhere.
  • Economy!

    • Suet cakes and feeders are an inexpensive way to get started feeding backyard birds.

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Published: 3/5/2020