Backyard Birding Tips to Attract More Bluebirds

House sparrows, House wrens and European starlings compete for their food, attack their nests and steal their natural nesting sites. Try these tips to help the bluebirds.

Backyard Birding Tips to Attract More Bluebirds

Choose a Bluebird house that:

  • Has no perch. Sparrows and wrens are drawn to perches.
  • Has the right size entrance.* Starlings can’t get in if the opening is no larger than 1 9/16”

Favorite Feed

  • In summer, serve mealworms in a dish feeder or in suet cakes
  • In winter, offer berries and bluebird nuggets


*National Bluebird Society recommendations: For Eastern Bluebirds a round entrance hole 1½” – 1 9/16” in diameter, 1⅜” x 2¼” vertical oval hole, or 1⅛” to 1 3/16” horizontal slot entrance. For Western and Mountain Bluebirds a 1 9/16” round opening or 1 3/16” slot entrance.


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Published: 3/5/2020