Big Green Egg – EGGspander System

Big Green Egg Collection

Talk about an epic add on for your Big Green Egg, the EGGspander system will allow you to unleash amazing things.  This is one of most favorite grill add ons, it allows me to go vertical and cook dual zone or multi-level.

Big Green Egg – EGGspander System

 This allows me to cook my entire meal on the Big Green Egg. That’s Helpful!! Happy Cooking, Chef Jason

Chef Jason K. Morse, CEC  |  Ace Hardware Grill Expert  |  Owner, 5280 Culinary


EGGspander Cooking Setup Options:

  • Multi Level Cooking – Lower, Middle and Upper cooking grates
    • Allows you to sear, grill and roast
    • Cook your entire meal on the grill: Protein, Starch and Vegetable
    • CaveMat Cooking – Upside down Middle Rack and Grill Grate
    • Allows for 900˚- 1100˚searing right on the charcoal
  •  Dual Zone Cooking – Charcoal ignited only on half of Egg
    • Allows for reverse sear
    • Allows for roasting of potatoes or vegetables
    • Allows for roasting of smaller items like chicken or tenderloin of pork / beef
  • Indirect Cooking
    • Low and Slow BBQ
    • Slow Roasting
    • Baking
  • Plancha or Cast Iron Grate Cooking
    • Allows for hotter searing
    • Plancha will allow for griddle cooking or searing
    • Plancha will develop a great crust on proteins
  • Indirect Pizza Cooking – With convEGGtor
    • Even pizza cooking setup
    • Great for baking
    • Well-developed coal fired flavors
  • convEGGtor Basket Ring
    • Great for Carbon Steel Wok Cooking
    • Great for Holding 10.5 qt Dutch Oven

These are just a few of the MANY options you have when cooking with the EGGspander system.  Be sure to download our EGGspander tips sheets for more ideas.


Check out these info graphs for some helpful visuals.

BGE EGGspander 1      BGE EGGspander 2    BGE EGGspander 3


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Published: 7/9/2020