Pork Spare Ribs Recipe

Spare the crowd the hot dogs and try a new entree for size.  These Mile High St. Louis Style Pork Spare Ribs on your Traeger grill will amaze guests with every bite.

Pork Spare Ribs Recipe

Prep Time: 1 Hour
Cook Time: 5 Hours
Serves: 4 Racks
Difficulty: 4/5

4 racks St. Louis Style Pork Ribs
1/2 Cup 5280 Culinary Oink Rub
1/2 Cup 5280 Culinary Rub A Dub
1/2 Cup Honey or Clover (or season to taste)
1/2 Cup Apple Cider (pun in a spray bottle to mist ribs)
1 1/2 Cups 5280 BBQ Sauce (High Altitude or Low Country)


Rib Note: Be sure to buy ribs that are free from any injected solutions or flavorings

Check to ensure the thin membrane is removed from the rib side of the St. Louis-Style rib racks. Once the membrane is removed set aside while preparing the brine

Rub Directions

  • Mix together the Oink and Rub a Dub to create “The Rub”
  • Sprinkle the desired amount of “The Rub” onto the meat side and allow to become tacky and wet
  • Turn the ribs over and sprinkle the desired amount of “The Rub” onto the rib side and allow to become tacky and wet
  • Allow the rubbed ribs to sit for 15 minutes before smoking, while sitting start your Traeger as listed below

Traeger Wood Pellet Smoking Directions:

  • Fill hopper with your favorite pellets or pellet blend recipe – We love big game blend pellets
  • Turn the Traeger ON to smoke setting and allow smoke to start
  • Once smoke has started place the ribs meat side up and smoke for 3 hours with the lid closed
  • At the 3 hour mark remove the ribs to the cooking sheet
  • Close the lid to the Traeger and turn temp to 225 degrees
  • Adjust the seasoning on the ribs if desired
  • Brush both sides of the ribs with High Altitude BBQ Sauce or Low Country BBQ Sauce, then drizzle with honey and spray with apple cider, then wrap tightly in butcher paper or peach paper
  • Ensure the ends and seams are well sealed to prevent leaking. We suggest folding seams and edges to face upwards
  • Place the ribs back onto the Traeger and cook for 2 hours at 225 degrees
  • Check the pellet hopper to ensure pellets are full
  • At the 2 hour mark remove the ribs to the cookie sheet, meat side up and remove the foil
  • Season, sauce or honey glaze as needed and place back onto the Traeger
  • Cook for an additional 45 minutes to 1 hour to set the saucw
  • Finished Ribs should have a nice pull to them and have a good texture and chew

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Published: 3/5/2020