How To Grill Sea Bass


Are you looking for fish that isn’t fishy?  We have just the recipe for you.  In this recipe we start with some Seabass, then add to that some oil, lemon, garlic, band seasoning.  Try it on your Weber Grill, you won’t regret it.

How To Grill Sea Bass

Next, we grill it over some high heat and then top it with more lemon butter and serve it on wilted spinach.  That’s simple and amazing, not fishy, fish.  It’s perfect pairing on your gas grill.



Yield: 2 People

Prep time: 10 Minute Prep

Total time: 20 Minutes Cook Time



Measure   Ingredient                                             Prep Notes   
2 ea              Sea bass, Filets, 8 oz wt                                 Skinned and trimmed
1 Tbsp          Oil, Olive
Taste            Rub a Dub, 5280 Culinary                                                   
Taste            Garlic, Fresh, Crushed                        
Taste            Lemon Juice, Fresh        
Taste            Fishy Fishy Rub, 5280 Culinary
4 tbsp           Lemon Butter                                                  from grocery store in butter section   
2 cups          Spinach, Baby                                               
1 ea              Roma Tomato, Diced                                     
1 ea              Lemon, Fresh, Large
1 ea              Parsley, Italian, Bunch                        
Garnish With           Fresh Parsley and Sliced Lemon

Prep Directions:

  • FISH Selection – Check with your local grocery store or fish market
    • Sea bass or Halibut (when in season)
    • Free from bloodline
    • Skinless
    • 8oz thick steak cut
    • FRESH, Not frozen or previously frozen (if possible)


Cooking Directions:

Preheat Weber Grill to 450 Degrees
Lightly Oil the Sea bass Filet on both sides
Mix the Rub A Dub, Oil, Garlic, Lemon Juice and Fishy Fishy Together
Adjust seasoning amounts as needed
Season both sides of the Sea bass with 2/3 of the seasoning/oil mixture – reserve 1/3 for later use
Allow to sit for 5 minutes to allow the rub to soak in and activate
Open the grill and place the perforated grilling pan on the grill, close lid and heat for 2 minutes
Open the lid and add cast iron pan to grill to heat up and be ready for spinach
Next Place the seasoned sea bass on the perforated grilling pan and close the lid
Cook the seabass to the desired doneness, being careful not to burn or ignite the cedar plank
I recommend cooking fish to a temp of 145˚, this will be opaque in color and firm
When the sea bass is getting close to your desired doneness (within the last 5 minutes of cooking)
Using a silicone brush
Baste top of the sea bass with more of the seasoning/oil mixture
Close the lid and allow glaze for 1-2 minutes
Add to the cast iron pan 2 tbsp of the lemon butter and let melt
Add the Roma tomatoes and spinach and season if desired
Cook the spinach until it is fully wilted BUT still bright green.  Use tongs to stir spinach
Remove spinach and place onto the center of a plate
Remove grilled fish from the grill pan, using a spatula and place on top of the spinach, on the plate
Garnish with
Chopped Italian Parsley
Sliced Lemons
Lemon butter

Don’t Have a Gas Grill:

Try This on / in:
Traeger Grill
Big Green Egg Grill
Blackstone Griddle
Stove Top in cast iron pan
Oven in cast iron pan



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