March Home Checklist

As we come out of the cold winter months in much of the country the outside of your home may have taken a beating.

March Home Checklist

Taking a good look around at what needs attention is a good idea so you can prioritize the projects and get your home in tip top shape.


  1. Take a good look at the exterior of your home. Inspect the roof either from across the street with a pair of binoculars or by leaning a ladder safely against the home.  Look for missing shingles, flashing that may be loose or missing. Next, inspect your gutters for signs of damage that could come from icicles forming or strong winds.

  2. Inspect each window and door for cracks between the trim and structure. Caulk the cracks to keep moisture from getting in and further damaging the window. Rotten or missing trim should be repaired or replaced.

  3. Look for loose siding, cracks in mortar joints, cracks in the foundation above the soil line and repair. Cold weather, snow and abundance of rain can cause these areas to be impacted and they should be fixed before the issues become larger.

  4. Take time to remove large organic debris from your lawn and planting beds. Branches, leaves and so on should be removed.  You can do a little pre-spring clean-up with a rake to loosen the soil and give the warmer weather a chance to bring a few things back to life.

  5. It’s not too early to clean off decks, patios, walkways with either a cleaner and broom or even a pressure washer to get things started.

    Published on 3/16/2021.
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