Rustic Chicken Pizza Recipe

Grapes on a pizza? Are you insane? This pizza started as an experiment and quickly turned into a staple on our country club dining menu. This is a total package pizza with flavors of sweet, savory and wood fire.

Rustic Chicken Pizza Recipe

Yield: 1 Pizza
Prep time: 20 Minutes Prep
Total time: 1.5 Minute cook time


Measure                    Ingredient                                                         

8-10 oz                       Pizza Dough                                                              

½ fl oz                       Garlic, Herb or Truffle Oil                                                                                         

½ ea                           Pear, fresh                                                            

5 ea                            Grapes, Red, Jumbo                                       

4 oz wt                      Chicken, Grilled or Rotisserie                    

½ cup                       Cheese, Mozzarella/Parm Blend            

2 Tbsp                      Cheese, Blue, Smoked                              

1 Tbsp                       Tomato, Sun Dried                                        

1 Tbsp                       Parsley, Italian                                                     

Prep Directions

For the pizza peel we use a 70/30 blend of flour and corn meal to help keep pizza from sticking and help it slide into the Uuni Wood Oven easier. We use about ½ Tbsp per pizza, onto the pizza peel.

Pears and Grapes can be roasted on a cookie sheet for 15 minutes at 400 degrees in the oven

Cooking Directions

  • Preheat your Uuni Wood Fired Oven to slate temp of 775-900 degrees
    • We recommend Apple, Maple or Cherry wood pellets for this pizza
  • When oven is preheated, we recommend a trickle of pellets into the burner to keep the temp on track while building the pizza
  • Building the pizza – this process should take 1-2 minutes max
    • Fast building will ensure the dough doesn’t get wet (from toppings) and stick
  • Allow the dough to soften at room temp for approx. 15 minutes from the fridge
  • Hand stretch the dough to a very thin dough and place onto the floured pizza peel
  • Drizzle the oil onto the dough and spread the edges using a spatula or spoon
  • Top as follows:
    • ½ of the cheese mixture
    • Pears
    • Grapes
    • Chicken
    • Other ½ of the cheese mixture
    • Sun Dried tomatoes
    • Smoked Blue cheese
  • Open the Uuni door and load the pizza onto the middle of the pizza stone, put the door back on
  • Trickle some pellets into the Uuni burner to keep the temp on track while cooking the pizza
  • After 20-30 seconds, open the door and slowly put the pizza peel under the pizza
  • Rotate the pizza 180 degrees and cook the other side of the pizza, approx. 30-40 seconds
  • Continue to cook the pizza to your desired doneness – Process should take 60-90 seconds
    • Close front door
  • Open the front door and remove from the oven onto the pizza peel
  • Slide onto your cutting board and cut into 4-6 slices
  • Garnish with the fresh chopped parsley

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Published: 3/9/2020