How To Use The Weber Wok

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I have been waiting to fire up the Wok on the Weber for months and I think I found the perfect recipe.  We take those mildly spicy and oh so flavorful shishito peppers, give them a light coat of oil and then char them in a nice, hot wok.

Yield: Serve 2-4 People     Prep time: <5 Minutes     Cook time: 5-7 Minutes


Prep Directions:

  1. Wash All Vegetables prior to use
  2. Clean and sanitize all cutting boards and prep surfaces prior to use
  3. Read all manufacturer’s instructions before using grills, blenders and any cooking tools
  4. Clean Weber Grill Grates and ignite Weber, adjust temp to 550˚ - 600˚, add Weber Wok while grill is heating up
  5. While grill is heating up – prep peppers and suace
    • Peppers
      1. Wash in cold water and dry
      2. Lightly Coat with Canola / Olive Oil
    • Sauce
      1. Add soy sauce, orange juice, rice vinegar, fire honey and ginger to small stainless steel mixing bowl
      2. Mix well and hold in fridge until needed

Cooking Directions:

  1. Open the grill and carefully add the shishito peppers to the hot wok, watch for any signs of flare ups
  2. Using a long pair of tongs, carefully stir the peppers to ensure all side of the skin blister and get charred
  3. Continue to cook in the wok for 5-7 minutes or until all sides of the peppers are charred to your desired doneness
  4. Once Charred to your desired doneness, turn off the grill and remove the peppers using a spoon
  5. Place peppers into a parchment lined bowl
  6. Season to taste with the Tiki Tiki rub
  7. Serve with dipping sauce and devour
Shelf life is 2 days – always check for freshness before enjoying.
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Published on 5/7/2021.

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